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From e-commerce operators to malls and schools, we have helped many different kinds of organisations engage with their customers.


Charge your product portfolio to send promotions for their products or send offers to increase sales during off-peak times using SMS.

We can even release a customised smartphone app with your own name if you want to engage with your customers with Smart Messaging through our Smartphone app platform.


Send festival promotions or send offers that increase footfall during off-peak hours. SMS has a 90% read rate as compared to email.

We can even release a customised smartphone app with your mall name. Customers can follow shops/brands in your mall. Then you can charge the shops/brands to send Smart Messaging content to your customers that followed the shop/brand.


Send instant notifications to students or parents. Include rich pictures or other content for educational purposes.

Allow students to talk back to the school/teacher privately. Teachers can maintain a one-to-one conversation with students and offer customised help not possible in the classroom.

How does it work?

SMS For Marketing: Copy and Paste your contacts from Excel! Segment your customers by adding tags. Send customised campaigns personalised with the names of your customers. Read More.

SMS For Transactions: Tell your customers when a package will be delivered or help reschedule delivery time. Send SMS to verify phone numbers or send alerts when an event occurs. We offer a simple API for your technical team to use! Read More.

SMS For Customer Support: Advertise a mobile number for Customer Support. When your customers send SMS to this number, a support ticket is created in Zendesk or in Uservoice. When your support agents reply, the answer is sent back over SMS. Reduce HR costs and eliminate customer frustration as they hold a call listening to background music waiting for a Customer Support Agent. Read More.

Smart Messaging: Your customers/users download a smartphone app (optionally published in your own name). They then follow "channels". Channels can be brands in your portfolio, classes in a school or any kind of topical subject matter. Users opt-in to receive notifications. Channels can then send rich content to their subscribers or even have one-to-one, private conversations. Read More.

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