- a brief history
(7th July, 2017) was a company founded in 2012 whose primary purpose was to promote customer engagement through messaging.

Initially, funded by Varun Chatterji, the company received further funding from NUS Technology Holdings and started with three co-founders:

In 2015, Vijay left for Cambridge University (U.K) to pursue an MBA and Kapil relocated to Poland.

In the subsequent two years, the company achieved break-even and became profitable.

However, since the growth trajectory of the company was not sufficient to attract further investment, it was decided to close the company via a Share Holder's Resolution

The company ceased operations on the 1st of April, 2017.

On the 16th of May, 2017, a Member's Voluntary Windup was initiated via a Share Holder's Resolution and, with the appointment of a liquidator, the powers of the Directors have since ceased.

The officially appointed liquidators for are DHA+pac having their office at:

63 Market Street #05-01A,
Bank of Singapore Centre,
Singapore 048942

The Founders and employees of the company have since moved on to pursue opportunities in other promising startups and corporations.