Permanent Service Shutdown
(1st April)

It all starts with an idea.

Then there is blood, sweat, tears; an indefatigable effort to realise those ideas.

We are a Startup. 9/10 Startups fail.

For five years, we have tried our best to serve you well.

We started in 2012. Today, the year is 2017.

The world has changed. We have won some battles, but we have also lost some.

Yet, through all this, you have remained by our side.

Through bugs and features, through incorrect paths and correct ones. You have been there for us.

Today, with a heavy heart, we have to say sorry.

We were not part of the 1/10 startups that made it.

This is our final farewell.

All our services are shutdown as of the 1st of April at 00:00 hours SGT.

We have kept one month aside should you need any assistance or for any final questions.

From every single member of the Team, we're sorry we let you down.

Our legal terms that you agreed upon, when you created your account, can be found here.

When something is lost, there is also something gained.

Here are some new services for you to try out:

We wish you all the best for the future of your company.

— The Team